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1 bike
12,00 €/day
6 days only 11,00 €/day

  Fairy cycles  
Child seat/
bycicle trailers
9,50 €/day
28,00 €/day
28,00 €/day
8,00 €/day

With every bike we supply

helmets for kids - for free
locks - for free
tool kids - for free

helmets for adults -2,00 €/day
both-sided saddle bags - 2,00 €/day

Bond for the bikes is 50,00 € and for E-Bikes and Tandems 100,00 €.

Only cash paying possible.
Please send your requests and bookings per e-mail.

Bei uns erhalten Sie nur neuwertige Räder auf höchstem Sicherheitsstandard!