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- approx. 50 kilometers
- level bike path
- return trip possible by boat (reducing the trip to approx. 25 kilometers)
- half-day-trip

We start at our bike station in the old town of Koblenz and cycle along a fully developed bike path towards Stolzenfels, on the outskirts of Koblenz. Here we can park our bikes and climb a short but steep path to the Stolzenfels Castle - the crown jewel of Rhine romanticism. After cycling another couple of kilometers we will reach the small town of Rhens, where we can enjoy a short break to take in the framework architecture and picturesque old town.

As we follow the path along the Rhine River, we will pass through a few vineyards. There are also many castles and palaces adjacent to the bike path in this area - we will gladly tell you some stories about each of them as the path leads us past them.

After approximately 25 km we will reach the city of Boppard, the apex of our trip. Here we have the opportunity to take a 20 minute chairlift ride up to the “four-lake-lookout-point.” The cost for the chairlift is 6,50 Euros per person, which is not included in the price of your tour. The lookout point is also accessible via bicycle path, and for those of you with energy left to spare, this should be a fun alternative.

Once we reach the top of the hill, you will be surprised at how different the Rhine River looks from a different perspective! There are two great restaurants on the top of the hill with large sun terraces where you can relax, enjoy a good meal, and rejuvenate yourself for the return trip to Koblenz.

The way back to Koblenz will take us along the bike path following the Rhine River once again. Or, should you find yourself spent after an afternoon of cycling, you can also take a boat back from Boppard.

Once back in Koblenz, we welcome you to bring your nice afternoon to a close with a good glass of wine or any other drink of your choosing at Café Miljöö.

Costs vailable on request.

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