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Discover the city of Koblenz and its suroundings. Rückenwind Bike Rental will help you discover the beauty and diversity of our region!
The cultural landscape of „Oberes Mittelrheintal“ (the valley between the city of Bingen and Koblenz) holds a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List for a definite reason. Along with the Mosel valley its thought to be among the most beautiful vacation areas in all of Germany.

The tourist attractions, the historic sites and the vineyards that are featured on both sides along the Rhine and Mosel Rivers create a striking and unique background within the region´s landsacpe.

The unmistakable „framework“ architecture of the areas small villages creates an ambiance that invites the region´s guests to take a breake, relax and enjoy the picturesque atmosphere. .

Nearby, the Lahn river valley (said to be one of the most romantic rivers in Germany) and its alluring tributary valleys offer numerous attractions and breathtaking landscapes you can discover while on your cycle trips.